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Create the Vision for a Life You Absolutely Love

Learn the VisionBuilder Method®. A reliable and repeatable system for transforming vision into reality. Inside a 12 week live cohort style course, you will define, design, test, and live into your vision. VisionBuilders also learn applicable tools to create a holistic vision for their lives and develop the courage to address and dismantle limiting beliefs; all while surrounded by a community of individuals who want to see one another grow.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

"I found Christal's Steps & Stages on social media and heard the artist, the advocate, and the activist all came together in one beautiful mentoring voice. Through listening to Christal's monologues I have come to appreciate that Christal possess a rare combination of humility, honesty, and compassion. She is a brilliant and embodied artist, and to know her is to seek to be the same - living in truth, living in creativity, and following a path of self and community discovery. She is a gem and I have the utmost respect for her craft and her leadership."

Mary McCarthy, Higher Education Administrator

"I am wholeheartedly grateful for the time, energy, support, and spirit that Christal devoted to working in solidarity with us throughout our four-week course. She not only was a phenomenal course facilitator, but she also molded a space which made me feel wholly welcome to express myself in an unguarded way in the company of my peers. This is tough to do over a Zoom call; Christal nailed it."

Attendee, DreamBuilding for Artists

"An inspiration as a dynamic engaged and passionate leader and entrepreneur who knows how to get the best out of others"

Marriette Wharton, Managing Director Change Agent Partner

"She is one of the most authentic phenomenal people I have ever met. "

Caitlin Mahon, Professor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

"A mentor who grabbed my attention and continues to deliver new schools of thought that challenge the way I engage with myself and the world"

Will Ervin, MFA Candidate

"It was so refreshing to have the flexibility in the conversations tailored to our culture understanding. Coach Christal’s style of teaching is so spirit filled and insightful. The depth at which she listens and synthesizes is incredibly inspiring. It was an honor to work with Coach Christal."

— Attendee, DreamBuilder Program


your vision strategist

Coach Christal is a sought-after vision strategist who knows first-hand what it means to catalyze imagination into reality. For over 10 years Coach Christal has worked with creatives, entrepreneurs, educators and executives, to help them clarify their vision and accelerate their results. Coach Christal believes that, “No professional development can happen without personal development.” Coach also believes that, “Building beyond traditional success is the pathway to true freedom.”

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Whether you’ve been thinking about starting a new career,

embarking on a life transition, or your current level of success is just not enough, 

Vision Camp is for you.

During this in depth workshop, I will walk participants through my Vision Method™

 to connect, create and design an energetic alignment to their vision 

that will take them to the next level in all areas of their lives