So before I share my epiphany with you, I want to make sure you understand how I see habits.

In my practice habits are neither positive or negative, merely perpetual patterns.  Our patterns give us clues to our longing and discontent.

Therefore I don’t prescribe “healthy habits.”  I prefer to coach my clients into creating rituals, activities and experiments that produce the result they want and challenge them to grow.

But, I recently discovered, while traveling, that when I felt the feeling of hunger creep in, my desire was to get home to eat left overs…..

My normal habit while traveling would be to pull over and devour fast food.  When I thought about the fast food options, my body responded with a heaviness.

Now, let me be very clear, I have never been a healthy eater, but during the pandemic, I made a goal of sharing meals with my son. Most of these meals have been made by me, something I rarely had time for prior.

This ritual has now bound my time with my son and the nourishment I feel from the food I prepare. I have been transformed by this ritual and no longer crave junk food.  This change was built from my core value of love.

My previous habit was built from scarcity, lack of time, lack of sleep, lack of connection.

This ritual of nourishment has impacted several parts of my life and given me the opportunity to create new patterns.

What’s at the root of your habits?

In Vision,

Coach Christal