For the last 9 months I have had a vision written in explicit detail on the whiteboard in my office/Dream-Cave.  I tuned my mind and heart towards this vision and then I began doing other things.  I warn my clients about this behavior everyday; allowing the doing to be a distraction from the building.

Understandably, it’s much easier to do the same old thing rather than build something new.  Although, I had convinced myself that my daily work was creating a bridge towards my dream. Upon an honest accounting of my growth, I realized my external progress was out of alignment with my internal pursuit.   My vision felt like a distant memory.  I had to stage an intervention, I had to wake up, I had to make it real.

I found an ocean front property within the network of my timeshare, I re-arranged my work commitments, I drove 4.5 hours, and I woke up in my dream.  The new environment and the salt air have invigorated my vision.  The limited amount of choices has  clarified my motives for the work I do and validated my dream.

I won’t sell my house tomorrow, but I will commit to being grateful for what I have and pursing more.  I will honor my vision in each moment  and carry the clarity that I currently feel into each interaction. #Stepsandstages

Trust the Vision

Navigate the Process

Remember the Dream

In Vision,

Coach Christal