• Living the Dream

    For the last 9 months I have had a vision written in explicit detail on the whiteboard in my office/Dream-Cave.  I tuned my mind and heart towards this vision and then I began doing other things.  I warn my clients about this behavior everyday; allowing the doing to be a distraction from the building. Understandably,…

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  • Behind the Habit

    So before I share my epiphany with you, I want to make sure you understand how I see habits. In my practice habits are neither positive or negative, merely perpetual patterns.  Our patterns give us clues to our longing and discontent. Therefore I don’t prescribe “healthy habits.”  I prefer to coach my clients into creating…

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  • piece by piece = Peace

    Okay, I love IKEA but most of my purchases are cleared through my evaluation of how many parts the product has and how long it will take to assemble.  IKEA is known for selling beautifully aesthetic furniture and housewares at an affordable price.  This price is made affordable by the condition of “assembly required”.  For…

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